Copilot began as an experiment. Seeking to impose their musical visions on their local scene, the first fragments of the band's material were forged in the missile-control room of a canadian patrole frigate on the midnight watch somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

With Robbie Donovan playing bass guitar, Neil Morrison handling drums and backing vocal duties and Brad Hill on lead guitar and vocals, the band found itself sharing a stage with Halifax's finest within weeks of their formation. Marrying the dynamic rhythm section found in today's modern rock with the sensibilities of 90s shoegaze, Copilot navigates the listener into the uncharted and uncertain - not unlike the envronment which inspired its creation.

To date, the trio has released several singles and one music video shot in Halifax's flagship artisan barber shop, Sailor Bup's. They are scheduled to record their debut record at New Scotland Yard, recording studio of Halifax icon Joel Plaskett, beginning in late March, 2017. The effort, entitled "the mids", is scheduled for Release on 30 April, 2017.





27 Jan 2017
Menz Bar
Halifax, NS
11 Feb 2017
The Rainbow Room
Halifax, NS
23 Feb 2017
The Seahorse Tavern
Halifax, NS
1 April 2017
The Oasis
Halifax, NS
13 April 2017
Gus' Pub
Halifax, NS


Brad Hill - Guitar, Vocals
Neil Morrison - Drums, Vocals
Robbie Donovan - Bass Guitar